Source Code Gallery’s first exhibition spotlights the work of African women Animators.

Fak’ugesi African Digital Innovation Festival Director, Dr. Tegan Bristow states:

The African animation industry is in short supply of lead women and most of our selection are developing their work independently.

International artists whose work will be featured as a part of the exhibition include Kenyan artists Ng’endo Mukii, Ethiopian artist and Digital Lab Africa Winner for Animation Feban Elias and in our online media Mauritian artist Kim Yip Tong.

South African animators who form a part primary show are Kelly Dillion, duo Katty Vandenberge and Anni Snyman, award-winning artist Naomi van Niekerk, and a special online feature of Tshimologong animation intern Bokanyo Matshana.

“The selection of these women bring us a huge range of styles and stories that will appeal to all lovers of animation.” 

March Program

All work courtesy of the artists. Many thanks to all these amazing story tellers.

  • Daily Animation Cinema: 5th – 29th March, 10am – 5pm daily. (20 minutes)

    • Ng’endo Mukii
      • SA Premier of Kitwana’s Journey (2019)
      • Yellow Fever (2013)
    • Kelly Dillion via Triggerfish Animation Studio
      • Belly Flop (2018)
    • Naomi van Niekerk
      • An Ordinary Blue Monday (2015)
    • Katty Vanderberge & Anni Snyman
      • Watching the Sun (2016)
  • Character Development, 16th – 29th March, 10am – 5pm daily.

    • Feban Elias, Dimbit (2019)
    • Bokanyo Matshana, Mum Knows the Way (2019)
  • VR, 11th – 15th March, 10 am – 5pm daily

    • Ng’endo Mukii, Nairobi Berries (2016)
Animation Intern character work by Bokanyo Matshana

Linked Talk

Q & A with Les Gobelins, 13th March, 16:30 – 18:00 (RSVP only)

Educating an Animation Industry: Improving local education to meet the needs of a global market, in conversation with Cecile Blondel (Head International Relations) and Moira Marguin (Head of Animation) at Les Gobelins, France.